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Global IT Challenge for Youth with Disabilities FAQ


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    The youth with disabilities can participate in the competition, especially in this GITC 2021, there are no restrictions on participation in the type of disability.

    The youth must also be between the ages of 14 and 23 (as of April 15, 2021).

    Participants who have been awarded a prize in the previous competition will not be allowed to participate in the competition again.

    The youth participating in the GITC must be able to provide proof of age when sign up for membership on the website. If the information provided by the participant is not true, the competition award and subsequent qualifications may be forfeited.

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    The chaperones of each country must sign up for membership first on the website and get approval from the secretariat.

    After that, the youth can sign up for membership on the website and apply for participation in the competition.

    The application must be approved by the chaperone and the secretariat, and only the youth who pass the preliminary round will be eligible to advance to the finals.