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Global IT Challenge for Youth with Disabilities Introduction

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The Global IT Challenge For Youth with Disabilities

The Global IT Challenge for Youth with Disabilities(GITC)
is a project to strengthen the ICT capabilities of youth with disabilities, establish the foundation for social advancement, and improve the awareness of digital accessibility for youth with disabilities.
In 2024, it will be developed into the more sustainable competition by strengthening creditability of an internationally renowned competition and independence of participating countries.

The Organizing Committee

The Vision

The Process

E-Learning (All year round)
  • STEP 1 flag Mar ~ June National League
  • STEP 2 published_with_changes July. 3rd week Preliminary Round
  • STEP 3 memory Oct. 3rd week Final Round
  • STEP 4 interpreter_mode Oct. 3rd week Innovation and Inclusion Forum

The History

Footsteps of IT Challenge as a domestic level in Korea focusing on ICT education for persons with disabilities 1990 ~ 2000 IT Paralympiad
(Youth and adults with disabilities approx. 100~150 participants)
2001 ~ 2005 IT Big Festival for Youth with Disabilities
(National University tour, Youth and college students with disabilities)
2006 ~ 2010 IT Challenge for Youth with Disabilities
(approx. 300 participants, Incheon/Seoul)
Converted to International Event to eliminate the digital divide around the world 2011 Korea·Vietnam Cooperation Commemoratory Event
(13~17 Oct, 250 participants, Hanoi, Vietnam)
2012 Incheon International Conferences on Disability
(30 Oct~2 Nov, 28 countries 321 participants, Incheon, Korea)
2013 The 3rd Asia-Pacific Persons with Disability 10 year (13”~ 22”) Commemorative Event
(8~11 Oct, 12 countries 227 participants, UNESCAP, Bangkok, Thailand)
2014 Korea·ASEAN Commemorative Summit Supplemental Event
(9~13 Dec, 11 countries 290 participants, Busan, Korea)
2015 Indonesian Government Partnership Commemorative Event
(25~29 Oct, 15 countries, 250 participants, Jakarta, Indonesia)
2016 Chinese Government Partnership Commemorative Event
(21~25 Nov, 16 countries, 270 participants, Yangzhou, China)
* Democratic People’s Republic of Korea observed the event.
2017 Korea·Vietnam 25th Anniversary of Establishment of Diplomatic Relations Commemorative Event
(18~22 Sep, 16 countries, 285 participants, Hanoi, Vietnam)
2018 Indian Government Partnership Commemorative Event
(8~12 Nov, 18 countries, 300 participants, New Delhi, India)
2019 Associated Event of the ASEAN-Korea Commemorative Summit
(25~29 Nov, 20 countries, 185 participants, Busan, Korea)
2020 Cancelled due to worsening of the Pandemic in participating countries
2021 The First online competition during COVID-19
(20~21 Oct, 13 countries, 385 Participants, Seoul, Korea)
2022 Establishment of the hybrid competition
(15~16 Nov, 16 Countries, 357 Participants, Seoul, Korea)


The First final round held in the Middle East and expanding in North Africa
(24~28 Oct, 18 Countries, 461 Participants, Abu Dhabi, UAE)