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Global IT Challenge for Youth with Disabilities Overview

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2024 Competition Overview

  • Title : Global IT Challenge for Youth with Disabilities 2024
  • Participants : About 1700(total) youth with disabilities from 20 countries
  • Host : Ministry of Health and Welfare(Republic of Korea), LG, Department of Social Welfare and Development(Philippines)
  • Organizer : GITC Organizing Committee, LG Electronics, National Council on Disability Affairs
  • Sponsor : Ministry of Foreign Affairs(Republic of Korea), Community Chest Korea

Features of the GITC 2024

The Competitions

Competitions Description
eTool_Presentation To evaluate the skills for creating and editing presentation slides
eTool_Spreadsheet To evaluate the skills for utilizing functions, calculations and editing of data per given conditions
eLifeMap To evaluate the skills to search and utilize information dealing with problems of daily life using Internet
eContent To evaluate the skills to make and edit video dealing with specific topics creatively
eCreative_Smart Car To evaluate the skills to use Scratch program for self-driving car programing(coding)
eCreative_IoT To evaluate the skills to make life more convenient for persons with disabilities through IT or appropriate idea

The Process

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  • Schedule: All year round (Anyone can study with eLearning without restrictions on time and place.)
  • Self-directed online educational platform to learn relevant knowledge and skills for the 6 competitions of the GITC

National League

  • Purpose: To select the qualifiers for Preliminary Round
  • Schedule:Mar~June (at the discretion of each country)
  • Venue: Online or offline (at the discretion of each country

Registration for Preliminary Round

  • Schedule: Within 2 weeks after the announcement of the results of the National League (different by each country)
  • Targets: Qualifiers by National League
  • How to register: After joining as a member on the GITC web site, submit the application form

Preliminary Round

  • Purpose: To select the qualifiers for Final Round
  • Schedule: 16th ~ 17th July, 2024 (Prior task submission: for 2 weeks)
  • Venue: online (Live broadcast at Eroom center, Republic of Korea)
  • Schedule (Korea Standard Time, tentative)

    June 6th (Thur) ~
    23rd (Sun)
    Time July 16th (Tue) July 17th (Wed)
    Prior task submission

    1) eContent
    - A video clip (2 min)

    2) eCreative_Smart Car
    - One-take video clip on the self-driving car performance
    - Coding program
    (file extension: xml)

    3) eCreative_IoT
    - Development plan
    - Presentation materials
    - Presentation video
    14:00~14:30 Opening Ceremony (30‘) eContent
    14:30~15:00 eTool_Presentation (50’)
    ※ Additional 20 mins to screen reader users
    eCreative_Smart Car
    15:00~15:30 Break (30’)
    15:30~16:00 eCreative_IoT
    16:00~17:00 Break (60’) Chaperones’ meeting
    17:00~17:30 eTool_Spreadsheet (50’)
    ※ Additional 20 mins to screen reader users
    18:30~19:00 Break (30’)
    19:00~19:30 eLifeMap (50’)
    ※ Additional 20 mins to screen reader users

Registration for Final Round

  • Schedule: August~September
  • Targets: Qualifiers by Preliminary Round
  • How to register: Revise the application form as the qualified competitions by Preliminary Round

Final Round

  • Schedule: 3rd~8th November, 2024 (Prior task submission: for 2 weeks)
  • Venue: The Manila Hotel, Manila, Philippines
  • Schedule (PHL Standard Time)
Prior task submission : Sep 15th(Mon) ~ Sept 29th (Sun)
1) eContent (online participants)
- Pre-prepare video software and media
2) eCreative_Smart Car (online participants)
- Pre-prepare coding language software(if necessary)
3) eCreative_IoT
- development completion report, presentation materials 
- videos of demonstration and production process

Time 3rd (Mon) 4th (Tue) 5th (Wed) 6th (Thur) 7th (Fri) 8th (Sat)
09:00~10:00 - Arrival
- Final check
- Orientation for volunteers
Opening Ceremony eTool_Presentation

Live streaming eContent 

Field Trip Departure
10:00~11:00 eCreative_Smart Car
11:00~12:00 eTool_Spreadsheet Live streaming eCreative_Smart Car
13:00~14:00 Lunch Lunch Lunch
14:00~15:00 eContent
eLifeMap Awards Ceremony
16:00~17:00 eCreative_IoT(Presentation)
18:00~19:00 Dinner Dinner Dinner

InI Forum

  • Purpose: To evaluate the GITC for the year and discuss the way to promote as an internationally renowned competition
  • Schedule: November 5th, 2024
  • Venue: The Manila Hotel, Manila, Philippines
  • Participants: About 50~100 persons (public officers of relevant ministries, chaperones and Organizing Committee)