Global IT Challenge for Youth with Disabilities

GITC 2022


Ⅰ. Overview

1. Description

This Challenge tests skills in personalizing the design of an automated miniature car and in self-driving programming (coding), which requires the software provide commands to safely reach a destination by self-driving the model car through various course sections and obstacles in a miniature model stadium.

2. Type of participation: Individual or Team (4 or less members for a team, no restrictions on types of disabilities)

3. Time of Challenge

Preliminary Round: May 17th 2021 09:00 ~ June 9th 2021 23:59

Final Round: Sep 27th 2021 09:00 ~ Oct 12th 2021 23:59 (Republic of Korea time)

Ⅱ. Environment

1. Location and equipment

The final programming specifications for the Challenge should be submitted prior to the start of the official event. Therefore, participants should complete the assignment within the allotted time, and submit the completed program (coding) and 3 photos of a decorated model car. (decorations not required for preliminary round)

Self-driving equipment model is strictly limited to the car provided by the organizer but items and ideas for decoration are open. S/W is available by downloading scratch program that can be used free of charge.

※ Download from eLearning material :

Official Model Car

2. Assignment

Tasks will be uploaded on the official website of GITC 2021,
on May 17th 2021 (preliminary); Sept 27th 2021 (final)

Car decoration (personalization) The goal is to decorate the exterior of the miniature car model to appeal to the team as well as promoting stable driving Mini Lego blocks will be used as a standard, but other materials can be used as well. A creative and symbolic decorative design to represent the participating individual or team's country or the team (logo) must be made If only ready-made products/Legos are submitted, or support from outside the team is received, the team will score 0 The picture below is a good example of assembled model car. In order to make a stable driving platform, decorations should not exceed the size (10x10x10 cm) Photos should be taken from various angles to show the decorated car and all photos of the car.

Car decoration Car decoration

Self-driving programming (coding): The goal of the self-driving programming (coding) is to create coding software to successfully drive the model car tracing a line on a track, to escape the maze and park in a designated space. Coding commands should be created to make the miniature car drive autonomously. The mission needs to be conducted within the given time and the points will be awarded based on performance. Refer to the competition rules for scoring according to mission performance The competition map will be disclosed on the official website at 9:00, May 17th 2021 (Korean time) and coding should be submitted by 23:59, Jun 9th 2021 (Preliminary Round); Oct 12th 2021 (Final Round) (Korean time) Driving time is a maximum of 2 mins. The picture below shows the specification of miniature car:

Hardware & Electrical Components Hardware & Electrical Components

Ⅲ. Evaluation

1. Panel of Judges: The panel will consist of 6 experts

3 judges for car decoration design

3 judges (1 chief referee, 2 assistant referees) for programming and self-driving performance

2. Evaluation and Criteria

100 points in total by adding up all mission scores

Points for car decoration are 20, coding and self-driving performance are 80.
Please refer to Scoring Table below for more details.

eCreative Evaluation Criteria

Individual/Group :  
Item Scores Description Scores
Line tracing 20 10 More than 50% line tracing  
10 Arrive at maze  
Escaping the Maze 30 10 Zone A  
10 Zone B  
10 Zone C  
Parking 30 10 Parking1 (Not moving more than 2 sec)  
10 Parking2 (Not moving more than 2 sec)  
10 Parking3 (Not moving more than 2 sec)  
Decoration 20 10 Creativity  
10 Beauty  
Total 100    

3. Training Track: 96 x 96 cm

The miniature car should be at the starting point when the competition begins

Self-driving following the arrows

Parking in the parking area first and then driving along the route marked by arrows

If the car cannot escape from the maze, then points will be awarded up to the paths travelled (Zone A, B, C)

The mission will be completed when the car self-drives along the line and stops at the Parking 3 after escaping from the maze.

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