Global IT Challenge for Youth with Disabilities

GITC 2022


Ⅰ. Overview

1. Description

This Challenge tests the ability to make a video clip. Hence, creative thinking and technical skill are required. Participants have to make a video clip based on a given assignment by using the diverse functions of a video production program.

Participants should display their own creative ideas.

2. Type of participation: Individual or Team (4 or less members for a team, no restrictions on types of disability)

3. Time of Challenge

Preliminary Round: May 17th 2021 09:00 ~ June 9th 2021 23:59

Final Round: Sep 27th 2021 09:00 ~ Oct 12th 2021 23:59 (Republic of Korea time)

Ⅱ. Environment and Operation

1. Location and equipment

The completed assignments for the Challenge should be submitted prior to the start of the official event. Therefore, participants can freely create a video clip during the given period and submit it to the designated website prior to the designated time.

Since the 2021 GITC will be held online, there is no restriction on location and equipment for this year. (There is the guidance of Windows MovieMater in eLearning material)

2. Assignment

The competition will open at 9:00, May 17th 2021 (preliminary); Sep 27th 2021 (Final) on the official website of the GITC 2021

Expected contents for assignment The theme and focus of submissions should be to promote the GITC as this year is the 10th anniversary of the first GITC Participants are encouraged to create stylish and impactful content which can include an introduction to the GITC, achievements, encouragement for participation of youth with disabilities, presenting the GITC vision and dreams, sharing stories of career development through participation in the GITC, etc. There is no restriction on creative content and forms of expression.

Length: maximum 2 mins

Compulsory skills to be used in the video are clip background music, narration (voice-over), subtitles, graphical effects and animations

Ⅲ. Evaluation

1. Panel of Judges: 5 experts

2 judges from the Executive Committee of the GITC and 3 external experts (if needed, 2 experts from the International Organizing Committee may be included)

2. Evaluation criteria and scoring

Total scores up to 200 points, added up from evaluation categories

Scores for each category up to 100 points.

  • Creativity

    Is the video clip creative and innovative? Is the key-message clearly delivered?
  • Skills

    How much technical skills have been used?

3. Details of evaluation: Sample of Evaluation Table

eContents Evaluation Criteria

Individual/Group :  

1. Creativity: 100 points

Criteria Scores Scores acquired Note
Filming Method 20    
Empathy 20   Meaningful message
Storyline 20   4 steps in composition, Background music
Creativity 20   Creative Idea
Excitement 20   Humor
Total 100    

2. Skills: 100 points

Criteria Scores Scores acquired Note
Basic Structure
(Title, Subtitle, Name and Role of Participants)
20   Fair: 5 scores
Good: 10 scores
Excellent: 20 scores
Animation Effect
(Transition, Shift, Enlargement, Reduction, Special Effects)
30   Fair: 5 scores
Good: 10 scores
Mid-Upper: 20 scores
Excellent: 30 scores
Background Music 20   Fair: 5 scores
Good: 10 scores
Excellent: 20 scores
Narration 20   Fair: 5 scores
Good: 10 scores
Excellent: 20 scores
Accuracy of length 10   Failed to keep the length: 5 scores
Accurate length: 10 scores
Total 100    

3. Total: 200 points

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