Global IT Challenge for Youth Disablilities

GITC 2021

Types of Challenges

Types of Challenges & Guidance

Challenge eLifeMap eTool_PPT eTool_Excel eContents eCreative
Environment Please refer to equipment of each program and software environment in rules of GITC 2020
Types of Participation Individual Any types of disabilities

Individual or Group

In case of group participation,
the number of participant is maximum
4 and any types of disabilities can attend
Types of Question Multiple choice & Short Answer questions Same as before Multiple choice Same as before
Sample questions for Challenge 2020 will be available in the menu of of the homepage
Types of Participation Individual Any types of disabilities

Jan 20th ~ 25th, 2021

Task open: 9am, Jan 20th

Submission: 9am, Jan 25th

1) eContents

- A video clip for 2 minutes

2) eCreative

- 3 photos of the completion of decorating the car

-Coding program

※ The performance of automatic driving car will be broadcasted live online between 13:00~15:00 Jan 27, at the Venue in Seoul

Mode of Competition Download questions and submit answer sheet or assignment on online platform. Please visit the homepage for further details
  • Rehabilitation International Korea, SongAm Bldg 5th FL, 134, Myengdal-ro, Seocho-Gu, Seoul, Korea (06656)
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