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eCreative Challenge (IoT)

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Teacher name GITC
Course composition Total 2 Course

1. What is the eCreative_IoT Challenge?
  -  This Challenge assesses skills to make like more convenient for persons with disabilities through IT or appropriate technology idea.


2. eCreative_IoT Learning Goals
  -  Arduino is a good material to make a products for persons with disabilities
  -  Dealing with Arduino is simple and easy to learn.
  -  Naturally, Jumi can also easily implement more capabilities using Python, which has powerful features.
  -  This course covers various types of ingredients and functions of Arduino.

This table is where you can check the e-Learning curriculum of the eCreative_IoT and download educational materials.
Educational materials are in ppt, pdf, or xls files.
No Lecture name Time Download Sample
1 1. Orientation Video 0Min
2 2. Arduino class for beginners 0Min
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