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■ Domestic

○ The RI Korea was the first disability group established in 1954 under the Ministry of Health and Welfare in South Korea. It has been a leading organization that has led Korea's disability policy, academic and service field development for 60 years.

○ In particular, to promote social participation through the resolution of the digital divide of the people with disabilities

○ Between 1990 and 2000, nationwide free PC distribution and university student visit education

○ Between 1990 and 2010, hosting a domestic IT Challenge

* Corporate partnership : Cheonrian → KT → SKT

- Each year, about 1,200 people from all over Korea participate in the preliminary contest for the main competition which includes ① IT competition, ② seminar for welfare officers for the people with disability ③ job fair, etc.

- Reference. Except for the domestic competition : Commemoratory for 2002 APEC Conference ‘APEC Camp for the Youth with disability’hosting in Korea (15 countries, 160 persons participate)’

■ International

* Corporate partership : LG U+, Naver → LG corporate, LG electronics

○ Converted to International Event in 2011 to eliminate the digital divide in developing countries

○ Global Competition

ㆍ 2011. Kor·Vietnam cooperation commemoratory event

(10.13~17, Korea 79 persons, Vietnam 171 persons)

ㆍ 2012. Incheon International Conferences on Disability

(10.30~11.2 28countries 321 persons, Incheon)

ㆍ 2013. The 3rd Asian·Pacific people with disability 10 years execute(13”~ 22”) Commemoratory Event.

(10.8~11, 12countries 227 persons, UNESCAP, Bangkok)

ㆍ 2014. ASEAN·Republic of KOREA Commemorative Summit Additional Event

(12.9~13, 11 countries 290 persons, Busan)

ㆍ 2015. Indonesian government partnership commemoratory Event

(10.25~29, 15countries, 250persons, Jakarta)

ㆍ 2016. Chinese government partnership commemoratory Event

(11.21~25, 16 countries 270 persons, Yangzhou) *Democratic People’s Republic of Korea observe

ㆍ 2017. Kor·Vietnam 25th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations Commemoratory Event

(9.18~22, 16 countries, 285 persons, Hanoi)

ㆍ 2018. RI Korea·Indian government first MOU Signing Event

(11.8~12, 18 countries, 300 persons, New Delhi)

■ Competition Overview

○ Main objective

- Through the eLearning educating and IT Paralympiad, establish the foundation for the improvement of information literacy and social advancement (employment, entering schools) of youth with disabilities

>> SDGs 1(Poverty)·8(high quality jobs) / Incheon strategy objective 3 (Information divide) execute

- Establishing a partnership with governments, corporations, and CSOs to resolve the digital divide and revitalize infrastructure

>> SDGs 9(Infrastructure)·17(Global Partnership) / Incheon strategy objective 10 (global cooperation)

○ Scehdule : 2019, November 25~29, 4nights 5days

○ Hosting country: Busan, Korea / ASEAN·KOREA Summit commemorative event

○ Object : 24 countries, about 300 persons

- The youth : Physical·Hearing·Visual·Developmental impaired youth about 112 persons. (14 - 22age)

- Chaperone : Officials from each country, Experts, etc. about 80 persons

- Special invitation : United Kingdon, UAE, Ethiopia

※ Targeting countries for participating

※Asian-Pacific 21 countries : China, Mongolia, Laos, Malaysia, Vietnam, Brunei, Indonesia, Philippines, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan ,Singapore, India

※ Special invitation : United Kingdom, Ethiopia, Democratic United Arab Emirates

○ Recruitment : Domestic applicants

· Between 2019” April ~ June, pre-education progress and host preliminary event

· 2019” July, recommend 4 participants with each type of disability(Physical, Hearing, Visual, Developmental each 1 person)

· Participants qualification :

① 14 – 22 middle school or high school student

② Participants who could utilize MS office, internet, scratch program

③ English user, Serious disability has special treatment

④ Participants who has high score from the pre-education and preliminary event

○ Co-host: Ministry of Health and Welfare in Korea, LG corporate

○ Co-organization: LG electronics, RI Korea

○ Sponsorship: Ministry of Science and ICT in Korea, UN ESCAP, RI, Community Chest of Korea

○ Official Language: English

■ Process

eLearning data development & supply (Seoul Univ. Inha Univ.)
Informationization Education/ Selecting the delegation& Management (Preliminary event from each country)
IT Paralympiad (youth with disability _IT Assessment competition)
IT Forum․Assessment meeting (Officials ․IT experts _ structuring network)
IT Center construct & Found Social Enterprise (Vietnam 11 places, Indonesia 3 places)
Step 1. Pre-preparation
Step 2. Event
Step 3. Follow up

※ Setting the exam questions, evaluation and operating

Seoul Univ. school of computer engineering (MMLAB) / Prof. Choi Yanghee(former minister of Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning) / Technical chief

Inha Univ. school of computer engineering / Prof. Kwon Jang-woo


■ Event Composition

Category object Main Contents Remark
Before the event Informationization education (eLearning) Adolescent Expert
- eLearning contents development and supply connecting to IT and competition event
- 1(Experts, Teachers): 2(Adolescents) or group education
During the GITC IT Paralympiad Adolescent

- eTool Challenge: MS Utilizing proficiency : Visual_ Excel / Non-Visual PowerPoint

Individual Event

-eLifeMap Challenge: Coping ability through the internet searching

: Adjust difficulty level depending on the type of disability (Development / Non-Development)

:To improve the ability to respond to a specific situation through web searching
- eContents Challenge: Video editing ability

:To develop the ability of video editing skills through Movie Maker by using teamwork
Group Event 4Person / 1Team

- eCreative Challenge: Assembly kit(car) and making program code for auto-moving cars through Scratch program

IT Forum Expert Official - Topic presentation and discussion *ICT policy problem for disability access from each country
- Announcing of statement for ICT policy and technical development, the spread of awareness
-Present statement of Implement of GITC in one’s own country and the spread of the achievement
Cultural Exchange and Tourism Common -Exchange with all participants, cultural experience of the host country  
Post the event Follow up Common - Competition assessment, Final report & supply
- Next hosting candidate country investigation
- International development basic investigation, etc.