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KSRPD  정보  이메일무단수집거부


OriginalPlease refuse that E-mail address that bulletin to website is collected without notice using email assembling program or other technological device, and when violates this, consider that become punitive action by Information and Communications Law.


「 law about Information network system use promotion and information tutelage 」 [Tabeopgaejeong 2010.3.22 law the 10166th]


  • I have different provincial conference in we department and dictionary in case of wish to enjoy benefit that gets gains to contents offering in we department or corresponds hereupon or permission must turn suddenly cold, and gains conference or permission and in case print contents of the data origin must clarify certainly that is Ministry of education science and technology.
  • Prohibit militarism amendment of Contents except simple error correction in case insert we department contents in other internet sites according to lawful procedure, and when violate this, I can get criminal punishment.
  • Must notify link truth in we department in case link to we department homepage from other internet sites.


The 50th mourning 2 (Prohibition such as militarism assembling action of email address)

① using program or other technological device that collect email address automatically in internet homepage without prior consent of somebody internet homepage operator or administrator email address collects and develops into not.
② that sells and circulates email address that collect violating somebody the first clause..
③ as assembling·sale and negotiation according to somebody the first clause and the second clause know that is prohibited email address this uses in information transfer and develops into not. [full text revision 2008.6.13]


Article 74 (Penal regulations)

Person is placed in penal servitude fewer than 1 year or fine fewer than 10 million won equivalent to which one of ① next each.

1. Product that violates the eighth coarse manufacturing 4 clauses and does similar expression indication·sale or thing exhibiting by objective to sell
2. violating regulation of the 44th mourning 7 the first Hangje 1 lewd mark·wording·sound·burn or image person which distributes and sells and leases or exhibits
3. mark·wording·sound·burn or image that violates regulation of the 44th mourning 7 the first Hangje 3 and causes fear or fear as reach to other person repeatedly one length
4. violating regulation of the 50th coarse manufacturing 6 clauses technological measure one length
5. violating the 50th mourning 2 email address person which collects and sells and circulates or uses in transfer
6. Person which violates the 50th mourning 8 and transmits advertisement information
7. Person which violates the 53th coarse manufacturing 4 clauses and does not say change registration or transfer of business·pumping up of registration or declaration of merger·inheritance

② while crime of the first Hangje 3 can not institute arraignment against a doctor who sufferer says concretely . [full text revision 2010.3.17]

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