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Write Date : 17-12-15 18:13
Shanghai,Beijing,Hong Kong,Guangzhou,Xiamen Booth Contractor,Stand Builder YOHOEXPO@126.COM
 Writer : Hsia
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If your company has booked any raw space for any trade shows in Shanghai,Hefei,Beijing,Hong Kong,Wuhan,Taipei,Macau,Tokyo,Dalian,Qingdao,Xiamen,Zhengzhou,Baoji,Shenzhen,Suizhou,Osaka,Seoul,Busan,Xi'an,Chengdu,Chongqing etc,please reach YOHO EXPO for the booth design and construction services, YOHO EXPO has more than 10 years' experience of designing and installing stands,the quality and image can be well guaranteed if your company grants YOHO EXPO be your booth contractor and stand builder.If you're interested in knowing us more,please log on www.yoho-expo.net  send your booth renderings and inquiries to YOHOEXPO@126.COM now,we 'll create the competitive quotations then. Wish you a big succes in the coming year 2018.