Application - Qualification (Overseas)

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Qualification and required documents

  Youth (40 persons) Chaperones (15 persons)
Qualification - Youth with disabilities at the age of 13~19
- Should be able to communicate in English
- Should complete the prior ICT education with excellent results
- Preferably youths with severe disabilities who use Assistive Technology devices
- Preferably applicants with no experience of GITC pareicipation in the past
- Government official and teacher / social works in IT policy or disability field
- Should be able to communicate in English
Required documents - Application form
- Consent form for personal information, photography and filming
- parent’s consent
- Registration form
- Consent form for chaperone’s responsibility
- Manuscript for the Forum speech
Selection process
▪ Send application forms of the selectees who are chosen from the e-leaning and evaluation to KSRPD through email or homepage
▪ Final selection for the participants through juries based on the selection criteria
Language : Korean/English, two types

Invitation process

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