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e-Learning (ICT education)
Introduction to the event (eTool Challenge)
KSRPD  e-Learning (ICT education)  Introduction to the event (eTool Challenge)

eTool Challenge

eTool Challenge


Time Limit 50mins for the participants with low vision, 70mins for screen reader users
Target All participants with visual Impairment (low vision or totally blind)
Contest Questions Assess if one is capable of using functions in Excel Program
Assess ability to get Sum, Maximum, minimum in data sheet by using data in a given spreadsheet
Form of Questions Five spreadsheets with data in Excel file written in Korean/English will be given
Answer sheet submission Upload answer sheets via server system
Marking Standard Analyze answer sheets



Time Limit 50 minutes
Target All Participants with Physical Disabilities, Hearing Impairment or Intellectual Disabilities
Contest Questions Assess slide composing skills using PowerPoint Presentation Program [Edit design(form, shape), hyperlink, slide master function]
Form of Questions Five PowerPoint slides written in English
Answer sheet submission Upload answer slides via server system
Marking Standard Analyze answer slides
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